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Certified sugar printer complete-set + cleaning set

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Print edible decorations yourself

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Sweet delicacies such as cakes, cupcakes and the like can be beautified wonderfully with individual images. With a printer for food coloring, you can print cake photos or cake toppers, wafer paper and transfer foils yourself and thus set sugar-sweet optical highlights. With our food printer complete set, you personalize your cake impressively and can produce decorative elements individually.

The food printer set consists of a certified food printer, five ink cartridges with food color (PGI-580Bk, CLI-581Bk, CLI-581C, CLI-581M and CLI-581Y), a cleaning set with 5 cartridges filled with cleaning fluid and 25 sheets of fondant paper in A4 (20 x 30 cm). For a short time only, you will also receive FREE 24 sheets of fondant paper in 20cm round pre-cut.

Complete set: certified food printer for cakes

Compared to printers of many other suppliers, this is certified. The contact of food with the techniques and materials used in the printing process is absolutely safe. The materials and raw materials used comply with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011. The components that come into contact with the food printing medium during the printing process, as well as the printer cartridges, have been subjected to physico-chemical tests.

In the course of the tests carried out, no indication of a complaint was found under defined test conditions. The total migration as well as the specific migrations are below the legal limit when used as specified. This food printer set is accompanied by a corresponding declaration of conformity documenting the passed test results.

We must warn against the use of non-certified printers and inks for the production of edible decorations. Only a certified printer like this model ensures the conformity of the materials used to produce edible printed products.

Print stylish cake photos by yourself

Another advantage of this food color printer is the straight paper feed on the back. This means that the print media does not have to be bent over the deflection rollers as in other printer models. Even drier print media (papers) thus retain their shape and strength. So you can look forward to the high quality of the cake toppers that your printer makes possible.

The printer base is a quality product of the CANON brand. The printer has the functions of printing, scanning and copying (Smartphone Copy)#. You can control it via WLAN via your PC or Mac, as well as via your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. For connection without WLAN, you may need a USB cable, which is not included.

The high-quality ink cartridges are equipped with a chip and filled with edible food coloring.

Here are the exact contents of the set and detail information:

Certified food inkjet printer

Cartridges 5s (PGI-580, CLI-581Bk/C/M/Y)

Cleaning kit for food printer

Fondant paper A4 (20x30cm) 25 pieces

Fondant paper round 20cm 24 pieces

You can get this food printer complete set at a special low price. Please note that the set is sold only as offered. An exchange or the return of individual items is excluded. Very happy to explain to you in detail how to create pretty cake toppers.

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