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Silikomart silicone chocolate mold heart

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Silicone chocolate mould

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Mold size: 210 x 106 x 25 mm

Piece size: 30 x 22 mm; height 24 mm

Number of pieces: 3 x 5

Weight of pieces: approx. 10 g

Dive into a world of sweet temptations with our high-quality silicone heart chocolate mold that you can easily buy online. Use the chocolate mold to make delicious heart-shaped chocolates for special occasions or delicious mini desserts to enjoy between meals. You can use it to make your own heart-shaped chocolates for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. The heart-shaped chocolates are easy to make in the silicone mold.

Versatile chocolate mold for heart-shaped chocolates and desserts

With our silicone mold you can make 15 delicious little hearts - small chocolates or desserts. The mold is oven and microwave safe, fridge and freezer safe and dishwasher safe. Thanks to the flexible silicone, the finished treats can be easily removed from the chocolate mold. This means you can make perfect heart-shaped chocolates every time that not only taste great but also look impressive.

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