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Buy baking tins and other accessories

We want you to have everything you need to bake perfect pies and cakes to your liking. That's why you can buy indispensable cake decorating accessories and baking tins from us that meet the highest quality standards. Our range has a large selection of beautiful dessert and flexible springform pans as well as sturdy boxes and classic bundt cake pans ready for you. You're sure to find the perfect baking tool for any purpose here.


Buy a wide range of metal and silicone baking tins

You'll find useful, professional-quality silicone and metal baking tins, as well as several other tools. Our high-quality baking mats, baking tools and cake rings each have a wide range of uses and help you make various delicacies. You can buy the sturdy cake rings in different sizes - either individually or in a handy set, making it easy to create stackable cake bases. To make cream cakes, it's best to use the useful edging foils, which are also ideal as couverture decorations.

Motif baking tins and emergency mats for small delicacies

Use the silicone moulds to conjure up wonderful creations: thanks to the non-stick effect, the finished cake batter always comes out of the mould perfectly. In addition to large moulds in many designs, where you can bake crowns, roses or spruce trees, you will find small motif moulds for mini pies or decorative elements.

There are a number of emergency mats missing when designing textured and multicoloured biscuit cases. You can buy these mats and great baking moulds from us and also receive detailed recipe examples and illustrated step-by-step instructions. We are happy to support you in your search for the right accessories to fulfill your passion for baking.