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Special sugar

Buy special sugar and make sugar art

Specialty sugar is also called little helper. The term includes various types of special sugars that are suitable for different applications in the patisserie. In our online store we offer a wide selection: Glucose syrup, decorative snow and Isomalt as well as invert sugar are available in different quantities. Ready-made fondant and isomaltulose round off the range. Isomalt can be easily drawn, poured or blown and is ideal for shaping sugar showpieces. Glucose syrup, also a specialty sugar, is used for the production of praline and sugar masses. Likewise, glucose syrup can be used for glazing pastries and for gluing and decorating gingerbread houses.

Buy special sugar - large selection for different applications

There are different types of sugar that differ in their composition and can be used in different ways. For example, you can achieve wonderful effects with our decorative snow for a winter feeling. Invert sugar, a mixture of grape and fructose, binds and is used to keep soft - great conditions for producing ice cream, gumpaste or creams. Create amazing shiny icing that won't stick anymore. For sugar confectionery, chocolate, praline or lollies, use glucose syrup.

Making filigree show pieces from isomalt

Isomalt is a sugar substitute obtained from sucrose (sugar cane or sugar beet) and, due to its high plastic elasticity, is ideal for making display pieces and offers many advantages over normal sugar. Whether drawn, poured or cracked, the sugar substitute is easy to process. Unlike sugar, isomalt is only slightly water absorbent and crystallises only at higher temperatures, so a showpiece made from isomalt has a much longer shelf life than a sugar showpiece. In addition, isomalt has almost the same sweetness as sugar, but about 50 percent fewer calories. This makes it just as suitable as a sugar substitute for sugar-free or reduced-sugar sauces, desserts and other foods. Have questions about handling isomalt? Not only can you buy various specialty sugars from us, we also provide you with various instructions on important working processes. Contact us!