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Baking mixes

Ready-made cake mixes and auxiliary ingredients

The ready-made cake mixes contain all the necessary baking ingredients. Even bakers with little previous knowledge can make tasty treats here. Whether delicious cakes, brownies, appetizing gingerbread or simply a sponge cake base- with our baking mixes, the baked goods always succeed quickly. You will also find special ingredients that are needed for baking or for making creams and fillings.


One of the creative and artistic activities is baking. With our baking mixes & mehe you can have the baking project in no time. Fiber like Chia seeds or fiber powder is part of a healthy and conscious diet. Traganth is used in fondant, baked goods, ice cream and salad dressings and pectin is therefore ideal as a vegetable thickener for jams, ice cream, creams and many other applications.

Our ready mixes like buttercream, lace decor, brownies, biscuits, muffin, florentine and gingerbread are not only almost indispensable but also save time and contribute to the success of the creation.