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Velvet Spray

For a velvet effect on tarts, desserts, ice cream

Create extraordinary gateaux, desserts or ice creams. Apply our velvet spray onto the deep freezed or shilled sweets to achieve a rough, colourful surface with the look of velvet. They are very economical so small quantities will do. Besides the food colour they contain high quality cacao butter to give the texture.

Buy Coloured Velvet Spray at Mister Kage

Made from high quality cocoa butter, the Coloured Velvet Spray will give any cool surface a powdery appearance - however, the spray cannot be used on hot desserts. You can use Velvet Spray over a large area or set specific accents. For example, by spraying only individual parts of the sweet delicacies or by applying a stencil to the surface beforehand, which you then remove again. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy the elegant, colourful effects!

Colour and glitter spray for hot sweets

For example, if you want to make marzipan or rolled fondant glitter, it's best to use our high-quality pearl spray. For colouring chocolate or even pralines, the chocolate spray is excellent. Like Velvet Spray, you can also buy the other sprays from us! We offer you a large selection of beautiful colours and besides beautiful sprays we also have colourful and/or glittery gels, pastes, powders and much more in our assortment. Order now and enjoy our fast delivery!